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Playing is super easy! In 2022 Landsloterij has scheduled 15 drawings varying in 3 different cash prize lists. The first step is to choose the lottery ticket number of your Brièchi. Briechi is the nickname that has been given to the Landsloterij lottery ticket over the years. You can a number between 01 and 35000. Step two is deciding whether you want to play with a whole ticket or 1 or stub, which in fact is 1/10 of a ticket. If you win a prize with a 1/10 ticket stub, you will win 1/10 of this prize money. Each stub is number from number 1 to 10.


Landsloterij lottery tickets are only available through authorized resellers. Landsloterij has approximately 600 resellers on Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire, Sint Maarten, Saba and Sint Eustatius. Which means that there's always a Briechi reseller nearby. Resellers are located at strategic areas such as banks, shopping centers, supermarkets, etc.
You can either pick a number from the available lottery ticket numbers at a reseller or call Landsloterij to inquire which reseller has a specific number you are interested in buying. You can contact us at (599 9)462 4088.


Drawings take place between 1pm and 6pm pm at the Landsloterij main office at Breedestraat Otrabanda in Curacao, under the supervision of a representative of the attorney general’s office and two witnesses. After the drawing you can download the complete drawing list via the website, look up the results or scan your results with the Brièchi scan application.